Jo Jo Moyes

So Many Books in My Life

I have been gently prodded and pushed in to starting a blog on my love of books mainly by my daughter, Marissa Farrar, a writer herself, that I feel I must give it a go but as my favourite author, Stephen King,  would say, “Be kind to me gentle reader” as I take my first steps forward.

I have been reading since I was a little girl, which is a thousand years ago, first on my Nana´s knee with her reading to me and then me reading to her.  The image in my memories is so vivid that I feel that was the start of a love affair with the written story that will be with me I hope for many years to come.

But now for a few of my favourite novels that have resonated in my life.

As I have previously said my favourite author is Stephen King.  I have read every novel except Cujo and Pet Cemetary.  The reasons for this is that I could not stand the thought of an animal being hurt.  Stupid perhaps but that is the way I am.  Have I missed out King fans or not?  The best in my opinion are The Shining and The Stand both of which I have read and re-read several times.  I do love a “big novel” which takes me on a journey and hopefully frightens me along the way.

In recent years I have discovered many new authors via friends´ recommendations and reviews, I will in this first blog just mention a couple of authors and their books which have made a mark on me.

Firstly, Jo Jo Moyes.  I had never read anything from this author but was introduced to her by a friend with Me Before You.  What a beautiful story which drew me in from the first paragraph.  I was hooked and when I had the opportunity to review The One Plus One by Love Reading I grabbed the chance with both hands.  I was blown away with this wonderful love story but not just that, there was the side story of a teenage boy who is different.  Once I finished I wanted to start all over again and not put it down.  Jo Jo you have a fan here.

The next author whom I have discovered this year is Lisa Jewell.  What a funny compelling author, I have a few more to read yet (isn´t it a joy when you discover a new author and have a backlog of his/her books to read) but my favourite must be Vince and Joy.  A teenage couple fall in love but will they ever become a couple in the years that follow.  If you want a good feel read on a wet winter afternoon or that one book to take on holiday, you must read Vince and Joy.

Well that is it for today.  My first baby steps.  Next time I will be looking at psychological thrillers and the e-book versus the paperback/hard cover.