Have You Gone Over to the Dark Side?

The debate has waged now for a long time e-books v “real books”.  So now I am going to throw my twopenny worth (does anyone except me still use that phrase!) in to the arena.

As I have said before I am an avid reader and have been since I got my first library card for Torquay Junior Library.  How I treasured it and how much pleasure it gave me over the years.  Saturday mornings for some in those heady days of the 50´s/early 60´s would have been Saturday morning cinema.  Who remembers that?  But not for me, Saturday mornings was a trip on the No. 30 bus to the library there to get my three books then the joy and anticipation of carrying them home and to spend Saturday afternoon on the sitting room floor (not lounge in those days) reading to my heart´s content.  But how life has changed how many people still use their library when we all have computers and can click and download within minutes.  So what is my opinion of e-books v real books.  Here goes.

I still love perusing the written word in hardback or paperback in Waterstones or W.H. Smiths to see the covers particularly and to turn them over to read the blurb, lovely but they are so inconvenient.  Sorry, I am sure I will be shot down in flames for this but after spending several days reading a big hardback which I will discuss in a later blog it really was a pain.  Just so cumbersome and awkward whereas I can pick up my Kindle, other e-book readers are, of course, available and I can eat my lunch with one hand and drink my tea with the other, stir the dinner, make the print larger or smaller.  I don´t even have to put a lamp on in the dwindling evening light unless I want to as it is back lit.  I can read in bed without disturbing the other half.  Plus we haven´t even mentioned the pluses of travelling with one small item in your handbag instead of at least six hardbacks in your suitcase because yes that is what I did before going on holiday.  I used to go through the best selling lists at the library and reserve as many as I could and take them away with me. 

On the other hand there is always a thrill of seeing that new book sitting in anticipation looking at you with the smell of new pages daring you to “come on in and stay a while”.

There is one downside of e-books and an e-reader and that is, for me, that it is a bit like being in a sushi bar there are all these tempting dishes running past your nose and it is so easy to try this and that one because hey it is only a matter of pressing a button and if after a few chapters you aren´t immersed well there is another right behind it.

A friend of mine swore blind she would never ever go over to the dark side but the devil was out there and he tempted her so hard that she succumbed and now all her beloved books which she has had for years are nothing but dust. 

So what do you think?