Month: June 2014

Books, TV, Movies

This week I am going to review a book, a TV programme and a movie, so here goes.

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King

I am a big fan of Mr King but it has always been his horror that has drawn me to him. Horror as in suspense, looking behind your shoulder and under the bed, bump in the night stuff, but, when a new Stephen King hits the shelves I have to have it. I already knew that Mr Mercedes wasn´t the normal Stephen King fare being as it is essentially a detective novel. In this case a retired detective novel which to start with left me feeling a bit cold. Seen it before, yawn, the detective now retired from the force, bored, drinking too much, playing with his gun, life now passing him by etc, etc, but boy does Mr King ratch up the suspense until I was left sitting on the settee at one am this morning desperate to finish, but also not wanting to.

The characters were sublime if perhaps a tad cliched, but, did I mind….not one iota and Mr Mercedes left me wanting more, much more.(less)

Happy Valley – BBC

There cannot be many of you out there who have not seen Happy Valley with the superb Sarah Lancashire.  If you haven´t do try to catch up it really is superb.

The basic concept is that Sarah Lancashire´s character, who is a police sergeant, is looking after her grandson after her daughter was raped and committed suicide.  The rapist is released from jail and comes back to live in the area.  In the meantime there is a plot to kidnap the daughter of one of the local business men which also involves the rapist.

This was a brilliant series which had us on the edge of our seats.  A lot of violence and there has been quite a bit of anger towards the brutalisation of women on TV, so bear this in mind if you decide to catch up.

Movie – World´s End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

This apparently is a “cornetto” a phrase that I have never heard of except when eating a chocolate ice cream but it means that it is the last of a trilogy.  The other two movies were Shaun The Dead and Hot Fuzz.  Now I loved both of these and was really looking forward to World´s End.  What a lot of drivel, so disappointing.  I wanted so much to like it but just thought this is stupid and “grow up” Mr. Pegg.  Sometimes enough is enough.

So what have you been reading, and watching?