Getting Older But What is the Alternative!

I was going to do a book blog this week but then got side tracked, don´t ask me how, possibly looking in the mirror and jumping back in horror!

Anyway I dont mind admitting that I am 65 this year and find it rather depressing as it is all downhill – a bit like the old face and bod.  I have now found myself trying NOT to look in the mirror unless  it is my own very kind one.  I just hate store mirrors why oh why do they have to be so unflattering and there is always stark flurescent lighting too making the whole experience of shopping hideous.  ps  surely they would sell more clothes if they addressed this issue!

It is also that much harder to keep slim, which I never used to have a problem with.  For years I was eight and a half stone and the shock when I was weighed at the doctors many years ago and the nurse said I was over nine stone and I argued with her saying that the machine was broken.  She did get her own back though when she said it was “middle aged spread”.  Grrr.  Since then the weight has slipped on gradually which doesn´t help as I loathe exercise except swimming.  Now it is a constant battle which will be lost on my soon visit back to the UK when I will be partaking in fish and chips, Nandos and the new patisserie which has opened in Exeter.  Oh yummy.  I do hope though that running up the stairs to my grandchildren will help!

The biggest benefit of getting older though is those same grandchildren, all four of them, which bring me the greatest joy.  I did find it very hard when my children flew the nest and I didn´t feel a lot of joy in my life at that time but life has a habit of going round and my only regret is that I am not nearer to them and the little ones.

I also hate wearing glasses and would love to have laser treatment but due to monetary limits and also cowardess I haven´t taken the plunge.

Would you have a little help in keeping the years away?  I would although looking at Rupert Everett this week, it does put me off a bit!

On the plus side I have discovered a wonderful product called Clinique CC cream.  It is amazing and I cannot recommend it enough.

My Mother even at the age of 80 used to say, “I am not old, and don´t you dare say I am” and I do think I am turning in to her talking to random people in the street for example.

Thank you for allowing me to waffle on a breezy but sunny morning.  Would love to hear from you all.






  1. Silly! You look great. I’ll be more than happy if I have your figure when I hit 65! I’m only 34 and I’m still struggling with my weight, despite running and attending Slimming World. I’m looking forward to the patisserie though (I’m my own worst enemy!)

  2. Oh for the days of 9 stone! Now I am much closer to 10 stone in spite of going to the gym and playing tennis. I blame our great lifestyle and a love of both red and white wines. As you know I am 70 and was amazed when my tennis partner said she would have thought I was in my late 50s. Well not quite but good to get a compliment !

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