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I was looking at an old photo of me earlier today which started me thinking if I could change any part of me what would it be.

On the whole not very much but the one thing I would change, apart from my singing voice, which is another topic, is my chin.  I have always had a “weak” chin and loathe my profile because of it.  When young, I would like to think just a few years ago, but obviously much, much longer, I kept being told I looked like Gail from Corrie (shows how long she has been in the show) which I did not consider to be a compliment but also Princess Anne.  Now reader you might not believe it but as a very young woman she was quite attractive but again had this receding chin.  The photo above was taken on her 19th birthday and the one of me on the right at about the same time.  So on my next visit to this earth I am hoping for a firm attractive chin and a great singing voice.

Now to my “like” it must be my feet and hands, I am blessed with genes from my father on this score and have long fingers and toes.  It was often remarked on that I should be good at playing the piano……why?  Since I am tone deaf this would never have worked.

I also have a love/hate relationship with my boobs.  Oh how over the years I have yearned for little compact boobs where you can wear a multitude of clothes and bikinis and look stylish instead of trying to force them in to spaces they just weren´t meant to go and keep trying to escape!  Now that does sound a bit odd but you know what I mean.  Then there is running………..a very painful experience even though I have running sandals which I tell my girlfriends is for that one occasion when there is an emergency and I have to make a run for it.  You know when you are late for your train/plane etc.  Flipflops just won´t do it. So would I put my boobs in Room 101, nah I have had them for so many years now and have become quite fond of them so will let them stay. So is there anything about yourself that you particularly like or loathe that you would care to share.

Before I go I am just going to have a moan about passwords.  Now I expect you have all heard about the latest internet threat called Heartbleed and we are all being told to change our passwords and to have different passwords for every single thing we have on our computer/tablet/smartphone.  Now I don´t know about you but I do get fed up of the Password Gestapo telling me I can´t have this word or that word and it has to be a trillion zillion letters long and a capital here and a number there.  How the hell am I supposed to remember any of this, plus the fact that new software can detect your password practically instantly, so anybody got any tips on how to remember a hundred different passwords?

Thanks again gentle reader for taking the time to read this load of nonsense from yours truly.






  1. Well, the body part I like least is my weight. So all of me, really. Funnily enough, post coming up on my blog on that subject in the next day or so. But I do quite like my feet and my smile. On the subject of passwords, don’t even get me started. And one of my pet hates in that department is blogs which require you to put in a ‘captcha code’ when you’re commenting – do they make them nigh-on impossible to read on purpose??

  2. I can see how you might have been compared to Princess Anne – there is definitely a similarity in those photos, and very glamourous they are too!
    The parts of my body which I like (or dislike the least now that nature is taking its course) are my wrists, ankles and feet. I have slim wrists, but my fingers are becoming a bit fatter and knobblier (is there such a word?) as the years pass. I have slim ankles and feet which seem to be standing the test of time, thank goodness. In future I can see myself wearing full length, chin to ankle outfits which allow my wrists to peek out, but then have gloves on! 🙂

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